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Welcome to the Portfolio Site of Daniel J. Gardner. Below you will find links to some of the websites I have worked on.

I am very passionate about user experience and UI. In addition I am a passionate customer advocate.

Programming Languages: Swift, Haskell, Visual Basic, Perl, Embedded Perl, Perl Mason, Java, Cold Fusion, SQL, ASP, PHP, JavaScript, and VBScript.

JS Frameworks: JQuery, Jquery UI, AngularJS, NodeJS.

Databases: MySQL, MS Sequel, and Oracle.

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Things to Do List pages. Attraction, entertainment, Events and Tours...
Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet adaptive sites.
Disney World (Things To Do)
Disneyland (Things To Do)
Disneyland Paris (Things To Do) (UK)
Disneyland Paris (Things To Do) (French)

My Disney Experience app for iOS. My team worked on the informational screens presented to the guest when they have a scheduled stay at a Disney Resort. Some features that are included are:

Classmates Online (Classmates.com)

Checkout (Must be Logged In)

In addition I am the primary UI developer for an internal CMS and A/B Testing tool and framework.

AT&T Wireless/Cingular Wireless

Online Store


Worked as a JAVA developer on one of the feed management systems as well as on the UI for an internal SEO/Marketing tool.


The Magazine Subscription Store
Browse Magazine Subscriptions A-Z
The E-Books Store
Site In General - Many Small Projects

Target Direct (www.Target.com)

Gift Registries - Main areas of responsibility: adding/updating/buying registry items, email sending, e-mail templates, recommendation widgets, and many other smaller tasks.
Help Section